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Monday, May 15, 2017

Rounded Edges

This is the start of my last transfer in the mission field. In just a
while I won't be in Texas anymore. That's an awful thought. Mainly
because I won't be a missionary anymore, but also there's a chance
that Idaho will have a snowstorm in the middle of July. It hasn't been
under 70 degrees here since January!

The remainder of my mission will be spent with my camouflaged-hearted
companion in the pleasant towns of Buda and Kyle. He almost wept when
he found out he because this means he's still within walking distance
of a Cabelas. I've never met someone so static. Everything relates
back to guns and hunting. Everything.

Missionary work has been great around here. I've been looking back at
my mission and thinking about the character of a missionary. The Lord
is all about the one. If he has his 99, he will do what it takes to
bring back the one. It's nice to have help out with a lot of baptisms,
and it's nice to find people to teach, but we are to make such a
personal relationship with Christ that He will do whatever it takes to
help anyone overcome the opposition that he has. He waits until we are
ready to listen, but once that happens there's no turning back.
Whether you like it or not, he'll be a part of your life. As
missionaries, we do our best to use our time wisely so we can help
whoever is the most ready.

Friday we were able to attend the wedding of one of our investigators.
Elder P and I were two of the ten people there, not including the
happy couple. It was on a beautiful piece of property and it was great
to see the two of them giddy. It's the second wedding I've been to on
my mission. Weddings are happy times. There is a sacred experience
that all attendants get to be a part of. That is why worthy members
are married in the temple, where you can feel the greatest amount of
peace and concentrate all of excitement and energy into a simply

Recently I have been doing much study on the prophet Joseph Smith. It
is astounding. Say what you want about Joseph Smith, but if you were
to pour through the life and history of Joseph Smith, looking at all
the doctrines and discoveries, miracles and trials, etc. I would say
that his character alone is enough evidence that he is a prophet. And
don't even get me started on the Book of Mormon.

I got to talk with my family yesterday. My family is a naturally
unserious and unaffectionate bunch. Well no, they are affectionate,
they just have a strange way of showing it. Definitely not serious
though. I love them for that, because I'm strange as well. Terribly
serious at times, though. Families are special. I love them.

- Elder Richard Hall

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