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Monday, August 17, 2015

Dear Dad, kind of

Don't get fooled by the subject, this email is for everyone.
Whenever I write to my father I think about the old TV show MASH,
because there would be an episode where Hawkeye wrote to his father,
and almost everything he said would start with, "Dear Dad". It just
made everything so personal and intimate, as if his father could see
everything that I was saying perfectly. So I thought that if I really
wanted you to see and feel what I see and feel by addressing everyone
like this. Here goes nothing.

Dear Dad,
It's transfer week. Tomorrow I get to find out if I stay in my area,
if my companions stay in my area, or if nothing is going to change. I
have no idea, it's going to be in the Lord's hands. I hope that I stay
with my two companions Elder A and T. They are such wonderful
examples of what a disciple of Christ should be. They are incredibly
diligent and their purpose as a missionary is always amplified through
their works. I wish one day to be as good of missionaries as these two
wonderful young men.

In Texas, I wouldn't dare suspect to find anything that would remind
me of BYU, or anything concerning my college days, but, lo and behold,
it happened. We were having a inter-zonal soccer game with about 24
missionaries from all around San Antonio this morning when someone
I've never seen or met ran up and gave me a hug. It was way weird.
Turns out, I'm good friends with one of his closest friends, Ben
Everett, and I lived about 100 feet away from his cousins in my
apartment complex at BYU. We were all in the same ward at one point!
Crazy stuff. Crazy, crazy stuff. He even lived in MAN205, the same
place where my brothers Todd and Keith lived before him. His name is
Elder R- no, not Rhyme-shoe-shul, Rhine-chisel. That's how
you say his name. He's super happy and he wore a shirt that was a
velociraptor with the face of Robert Downey Jr. on it. The Robert
Downey Raptor. Precious moment.
Also, during that soccer game, our team rocked it. Then again, we had
two Mexicans and an Argentinian on our team, so that helped. I also
was about 4 pounds lighter after the game, which still puts me about
10 pounds heavier than I was a month ago. You'd be proud of me Dad, I
know it.

The workload of the lord has been immense this week. we had about 25
lessons with people who came from all walks of life. Two of our
lessons came from B and M, a Catholic couple in their early
40s who are very interested in going into the temple to be sealed
together as a family. We had an excellent lesson on the Plan of
Salvation that by the end both of them were crying and literally
asking us "What does it take to go to the temple?" "What can I do to
be Mormon?" The spirit of the Lord is working tremendously within
these two, and their two young boys. You would never have expected
them to have a fifth of Jack Daniels lying there in the living room
while we taught the lesson. Of course, it is purely ornamental. I
think we can change that.
The food has been amazing this week.

For the third time in just five weeks I had Brisket. Sweet Babies! Why
doesn't the whole world cook Brisket? it is the second most delicious
meet I've ever had, next to In-N-Out Burger. Nothing beats an In-N-Out
burger in California.

Hey Dad, next week I will have spent two months on a mission. Wow. So
much time, and yet so little. Many times I think about it in a light
of fractions. "Wow, 2 months. that means 1 out of the 12 people I'll
meet on my mission I've already talked to. I've already had 1 out of
my 12 P-days. 1 out of 12 dinner appointments with members who
appreciate missionary work. 1 out of 12 Sacrament meetings. Where has
the time gone? Have I done enough? I only have 11 more of these before
it's all gone, and I'm just brother Hall again."
Being a missionary is powerful! Talking to others about Jesus Christ
our lord and Savior 24/7 is the greatest gift I have been given. It is
an excellent privilege that I can't dare think that I am taking for
granted. As god said, "Behold, this is my work and my glory, to bring
to pass the immortality and eternal life of man." I am the vessel by
which His work and glory comes forth. If you have the chance, go talk
to a missionary. Let them talk to you. My favorite favorite favorite
part of being a missionary is getting to know people- getting to love
them. Care for them. I cannot express how great it is to go and talk
to someone about whatever they need. This is His work and His glory.
Dad, I know that you are a great man of faith, but so help me if there
is any doubt or speculation, follow the example of so many before you,

With Love,
Elder Richard Hall, your son

I hope that you felt my message on a little more personal level this
week. I love this church. I love what it does to people when they
fully commit to it. I love you! I trust you! All in!

Elder Richard Hall

P.S.- Some pictures of our district. I am about 6'1, and I'm one of
the smallest people there.

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