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Monday, January 4, 2016

Did you know it gets cold in Texas?

It's sweater weather down here in Round Rock. Actually, a little more
than sweater weather. Gets a little too nippy for my liking on the
bikes when it gets dark, but hey, we have work to do. Tuesday night my
ears were about to fall off from the whipping wind, so at 6:30 at
night we made a very rare exception and went to the WalMart to grab
some ear warmers. It was either that or loose my ookoos.
Other than the weather, life has been great. On Thursday night (I
suppose that's  New Years Eve for the rest of the world) we had dinner
with the C and M families. No, I'm not making these
names up. The M are recent converts that live in the
Georgetown Ward, which is just yonder North about 10miles yea. They
are also the parents to Christina C, who is planning on bing
baptized soon with her husband. We had an excellent dinner that
featured Jewish delicacies, like matzah balls and chavalah, or however
you spell it. Why? I have no idea, both families are Catholic.
Everything was going great until they asked us to stick around and
play Settlers of Catan with them. Now let's get this straight. I hate
Settlers of Catan. I know I just ruined a lot of friendships at BYU,
but I'm not about that game. Also, it would be a poor use of prime
proselyting time. We're also discouraged to play games outside of
preparation days with members. You should have seen the look on
Brother Senkunda's face when we told him that we didn't feel
comfortable playing boggle with him. Sorry Brother S. Fun fact,
he was a world class breakdancer from Uganda. Now he's the Ward Sunday
School President.
Speaking of Judiasm, we got to visit the B! These people are
actually Jewish! Well, Brother B is now a member of the
church, but he was religiously Jewish only 2 years ago. Sister
B is hilarious. She is so sweet, so nice. she'll talk the ear
off a horse. She likes coming by and talking to her. She even came to
church not too long ago, but isn't very interested. We go over there
mainly for Brother Baranowski. He was attending church regularly until
he got a heart attack a few months back. Now his work schedule shifted
to Sunday. He is very nice, and likes to talk about Christ with his
wife. P thinks Jesus was a communist. It's fun to go over
there. They are having us for lunch on Thursday. What's in the menu?
Shellfish. Of course.
I would like to take some time telling you some of the mishaps that
have made me think that I'm getting a new companion soon. I am sure
that Elder M is going to die very soon. He's not very good on
a bike. On Monday, we were biking past an HEB parking lot, and he was
blowing past on the sidewalk next to the road. he didn't even see the
truck that was parked right in front of him. I thought he was going to
be crushed, going straight into the truck. He was saved at the last
second as the truck got out of the way of him. The next day he was
about six inches away from plowing over an old man checking his mail.
It was the grace of God that caused his wheels to finally unlock.
Wednesday on exchanges with Elder G and Elder M bumped
into his back wheel and toppled over. Thursday his chain fell off at
9:00 after a lesson, and after he finally got the chain back on he ran
over a nail the size of my finger. Lets just say we walked home the
rest of the way. Oh, a Elder M, not only have I given up
spelling your name correctly, but you also scare me every time you get
on the horse.
I got to go on an exchange wit Elder A this week! Elder A is my
district leader, and he was one of the four missionaries that trained
me. I was so excited to be back with one of my old companeros. We
worked hard and long and good. It was awesome to see how far both of
us have progressed since we were back in Cibolo/Randolph wards. I was
just a few days out when I joined him and Elder Tovar, and these six
months since, I have seen miles and miles of improve tent and
knowledge and strength grow with me, as well as him. I'm glad we got
to reunite for a day and take the world by glorious storm. It was
almost like a gift from the mission president to put me and Elder Acor
back in the same district, as a way to say, "here, go show him how far
you've come."
Let's see how far I've come. The last time I was with my family was
June 2015. I weighed 145 pounds. I never had brisket before in my
life. I couldn't tell you exactly what the restoration was, but I knew
it. I had a hard time talking to anyone on the street. I had a fear of
calling people. I never studied the scriptures as you do on a mission.
It's 2016. I weigh around 175 (mostly muscle, I promise). Brisket and
ribs are my favorite meal. I can tell you just about anything about
the restoration you cold ask about, as well as God's plan for us and
the gospel of Jesus Christ, as well as the commandments he has given
us.  I try to talk with every person I meet. I make important phone
calls every day. I milk every last verse out of the scriptures. I love
working hard. I love being on a mission. They say that missionaries
mature fast during the mission. I think they're right.
Elder Mighelstin and I have to get going. Remember to ask me about
Dahir the investigator that should be an apostle, and Ryan
Bartholemew, the man that doesn't believe Joseph Smith was a prophet,
but believes in the Book of Mormon.

Elder Richard Hall

P.S. I have never sent my new address! It is

These are nookies they are deep fried cookie dough balls with sauce.
They come from a magical place called Torchy's. It is a mile down the
This is a picture of a heifer end Elder Hall after a cold day on the
bikes. Fun day.

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