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Monday, April 11, 2016

Streetside Prayers and Other Joyous Occurrences

Tuesday we were biking down AW Grimes on the way to contact a referral
when a woman honked and pulled us over. We had no idea what was going
on. Bible bash? Citizens arrest? Hopscotch challenge? Nope, she wanted
to say a prayer. She was having a rough week and recognized us as
representatives of Jesus Christ, so she asked if we could pray with
her. It actually was a really nice moment and though she wasn't
interested in meeting with us, she did really appreciate that we spent
a few minutes with her.
The week was filled with little miracles. I wish I could describe them
all, but K C(a recent convert) gave Elder W and I
some old baseball gloves, so we're stoked to play some catch. We'll
probably spend the rest of P-day doing that. Having a companion that
loves baseball close to as much as I do is a major blessing. I love
being able to talk real baseball with him. Of course, only after
proselyting hours, of course.
The best part of my week had to come from a lesson we had with little
KN. K is a 9 year old who wants to be baptized so badly!
She reads the scriptures every day with her little brother and she has
all of her pamphlets lined up when we teach her. She is just the  most
wonderful little girl. Her mother is a member, but hasn't been
attending regularly in years. She wants Kiley to be baptized, but has
a hard time bringing her to church. Luckily, on Friday we got to
introduce the Ns to the R family, some members who live
close by. Immediately the two families hit it off. We didn't have to
say a word Until it came time to teach the lesson. And there you go,
on Sunday morning, we saw little K N and her friend at church
with the R, all smiley and happy. We are planning Ks
baptism for May 7th. It's fantastic!
We also had a miracle that you don't get very often. We got a media
referral from some online missionaries about a 14 year old who wanted
to join the church. We gave him a call and set up a time to meet with
him. When he answered the door, he said, "hey, I've been waiting for
you guys." Turns out, he's talked to his mom about it, and she's okay
with us teaching him! He said that the parents will have to talk about
baptism, but you should have seen S's face when we gave him a
Book of Mormon. He was elated to get it. We are having a lesson with
him tomorrow and we are excited to teach him. He is one of the stories
that you'll always remember.
Saturday was a great learning experience for my new and fiery
companion. We had four appointments set up for the day and they all
canceled. Then we got caught in the rain. Then we had dinner canceled.
You could tell that Elder W was getting discouraged. Missionary
work is hard sometimes. There'll be days when nothing goes to plan and
your just want to get out of the heat and forget about the day. But
you know what, we keep going. I told him to cheer up and to have
patience. We said a prayer and started the day over. We ended up
having three lessons and finding someone to teach. What do you know.
It reminded me of one of new favorite mission president quotes. "Watch
the lord bless your decision."
As we live righteously and make accordant decisions, the Lord will
bless us. In the world many decisions are right verses wrong, but many
of the choices you make as a missionary are right verses right. We
must follow the council of Dallin. H Oaks when he talked about good,
Better, and best decisions. What are we doing? Is it good? Good. Could
it be better? If so, make the adjustment, and change. God trusts us.
He believes in us to make the right decision. So don't worry about it.
When choices come and you council with God, and haven't received a
solid answer, think about the council of David A. Bednar "be a good
boy, do the right thing. And move on." The lord believes in us far
more than we believe in him.
Spring is my favorite time of year. I love it so much. The
wildflowers, the sticky heat, the joy of good works.

Elder Richard Hall

1. One of the larger houses on our area. I'm missing part of it in this picture
2. Elder W's first Texas Longhorn. He took 1000000 pictures of
it. This is one of them.
3. A sweet daynaflow parked on a front lawn
4. Me and the boots. Please let me know if I could pull off boots.
These ones I'm wearing are only 649 dollars

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