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Monday, September 14, 2015

Ain't That a Kick in the Pants

This week, to quote myself , was "a real kick in the pants." There was ups, downs, lefts, rights, general confusion, complete understanding, pure terror, and absolute joy. If there is a better way to describe the week other than "A real kick in the pants," you tell me. No really, send me a reply email back with a more-mission appropriate phrase.

The week started out fantastic. Tuesday was highlighted by a great zone conference where we got to be trained by President Slaughter and his assistants. Now, I suspect that many a missionary says this about their mission president, but this guy could be an apostle before he leaves this mortal realm. He has this wonderful way of making the gospel so conversational. He has a great way of showing that this isn't a two year mission, but a mission is for life. 

Later that night we had the best lesson anyone could ever ask for. We were teaching the Restoration to a family of four. About halfway into the lesson, the family started to perfectly describe the apostasy and why the fulness of the gospel needed to brought back through a prophet. Elder N and I took a moment to just stare at each other and wonder why everyone isn't as perfect as the Lambert family. When it came time to invite them to baptism, we literally didn't even have to ask. We just brought up the blessings of following the example of Christ when the mother interrupted us and said,
"We'll get baptized."
"Wait, really?"
"Yeah, it'll be great. Everything you say is exactly what I believe."
The bishop, who was present at the lesson, did his best to keep his cool, but after the lesson he drove us to get shaved ice and we had a party until 9:29. It was pretty much the best moment of my mission so far. 

The second half of the week has not been so hot. I mean, yeah, we have had a lot more success and work to do this week than any other week, but Saturday I got sick. Way sick. And there is nothing worse than being locked up in your apartment all day when you know you are missing important scheduled appointments, and you can't do a thing about it because you can hardly get out of bed. I don't have any idea what it is, but it is painful, and I have had it for three days now. It is far from fun. The Mission President even came by just to make sure I was okay, which was awful nice of him. then again, he lives about 20 minutes away from our apartment. It was a good gesture. 

Being sick really takes the energy out of you. There's not much I want to do but crawl in bed and try to not think about the pain. But for some highlights of the week:

- I helped a member move into our ward. He was drafted by the Texas Rangers in the fifth round out of high school. I talked to him for a long time. I looked at some of his old baseballs and trophies. He has the sweetest David Justice figurine.
- I found out that there is a member in Austin that has a baseball field in his backyard, and he lets missionaries play on it on P-days. Are you thinking what I'm thinking?
- It was my brother's birthday yesterday. Happy Birthday Keith!
  - If it wasn't your birthday yesterday, sorry I forgot what day it was, Keith!
- I have only thrown up once since I have gotten sick. Optimism!

I wish there was a greater spiritual fire with this message, but on a scale of 1-10, I feel like a 1.1. 

Have a great week!

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