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Monday, October 5, 2015

This week was exciting! I have never been so engaged in a general
conference before. I was taken back by the beautiful sermon of Jeffrey
R. Holland, who took such careful description to poeticize the love of
God and mothers. And the solemnity of David A. Bednar's talk for those
who have passed, in which he emphasized that the "value of (apostles
who have passed)'s teachings are priceless". Or even the silly but
memorable talk of Devin R. Durrant that you can't help but ponder
about. What a wonderful two days we had to listen to the words of the
prophets. I think I will read Henry B. Eyring's Preisthood Session
talk again and again for many days.
For those of you not familiar with the terminologies of conference,
ask an LDS friend.

Elder Nebeker and I have a new companion! He is 240 pounds and about
5'10". We're still on bikes. This is going to be a slow transfer.

Some members took us to breakfast at a 5-star Marriot Hotel! Oh my
goodness it was beautiful. It looks right over a PGA Golf Course, and
there's a giant waterfall in the middle of it's lobby. I'd say that
was a highlight of the day. And the bacon there. Wow.

We started teaching a new family! They aren't very religious at all,
but the mother's father was LDS, but didn't practice it so he could
keep the peace with his wife. Her Grandparents were temple workers,
but she doesn't know much about it. They are such a friendly folk!
They're very interested in joining the church. Fun!

One of our investigators is going to make me a steak because I'm too
skinny! That's definitely noteworthy.

I finally think it is cold in the morning. Yay!

I wish I could write more, but I don't have much time this P-day. I'm
so glad to be healthy and happy again. I wish you all a wonderful week
while on God's green earth.

Elder Richard Hall

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