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Monday, May 9, 2016

Two Turntables and a Microphone

Wow, what a week. Covering two wards now (Stony Point and Old Settlers) is just insane. We have been doing everything we can to go out and to serve the lord. And my goodness is there work to do.
The T family is progressing really well. They are a family of 10 that are taking lessons from the missionaries. The dad is a member, and the mom and two kids were baptized just a few weeks ago, and the whole family is on fire. Well, most of them. There are two that can't be baptized, and another not interested, but the other four are all progressing amazingly! This week there was seven of them at church- all the members. And three of the investigating children. Holy frijoles! It's a great family to walk into.
We are also teaching a few other families, including the B. I've talked about them in the past. Brother B is a recent convert, and his wife is a Jew. For the past four mons we've been meeting with them, she hasn't been too interested in finding out for herself is Jesus Christ is the messiah. But for these last two weeks she's been seriously praying and studying to see what is true. The big difference has been Brother L, a member of our Ward that has started to tag along. He has done a great job helping us teach. Now she wants to come to church whether or not her husband comes. It's crazy! And she loves missionaries. Every time I go there she welcomes us in and gives me a soda. I can't complain with that.
I was sitting in the sacrament meeting of Stony Point Ward, with the whole chapel filled in front of me, and the first thing that came to mind was, "what a small ward!" It is true that there is 250+ people attending Stony Point Ward, and it is also true that I haven't covered a Ward this small since the very beginning of my mission. In Old Settlers sacrament, all the kids and youth went to the front to sing a special Mother's Day song, and I lost count of how many there were after 120. It just showed me how I haven't really covered an area that wasn't a suburb for a long, long time. I thought to myself, "why are there so many old people in this Ward?" There was maybe 20 people over sixty there, t compared to the 7 in Old Settlers, and a collective 9 in my last area, that's a ton of fogies! It'll be exciting to cover a new area, I'm very glad that I get some more diversity in my missionary work.
Yesterday I and 75000 missionaries around the world got to call or Skype with their families, and even more so, their mothers.
I love my mom! When I was in high school, my works most likely did not show the true feelings of my heart, but I promise you mom, I love you! And I fell like I cleaned up my act in college some.
Anyways, one of my favorite traditions that our family has is to write a poem for mom on Mother's Day. I took some time this sabbath day to write one for her. Last night I shared it over Skype. But I'd  like to share it with others. I feel like it describes my family all too well for others not to see it.
To my Mom, by R. Wesley Hall
Dear Mom,
How are you? I am well. I'm an Elder, can't you tell?
Here I am on a screen looking at the family scene
One in Georgia, another in Canada, two have been living in su casa!
Another in Texas, the Lone Star State. 13 months till his homecoming date!
All these kids with hectic lives plus the old man and his awkward jives
But here's a day devoted to you- I hope your kids have all pulled through
I know you know we're friends- friends forever
This is a tie that will never, never sever
Thorough life you've smacked me like a ball on a tether
Put me in my place, made me tough as leather
Gave me punishment for my disobedience,
Helped me put my crap together.
You're the one that helped me learn myself
That there is a way to arrange CDs on the shelf
I love you mom, cause you're the best I've had
You make good balance with your eternal companion, my dad
The lesson taught by you have been invaluable.
"Eat chocolate, do your best, shut up
Go to school, you're an idiot, buck up,
Save a mission, help others, lighten up"
These are the things I remember most today
To be straight, I wouldn't want it another way
Kind words are heard when through gritted teeth you plea
"I love my family, I love my family, I love my family"
Together we are called to serve, and thank the lord for it
Thank you mom, for what you do
And for raising 5 little Gits.

I would also like to add that the family that offered their home for the three of us (I'm in a trio, in case you didn't know) to Skype together was super cool. The Richmond family is one of the coolest families ever. I found out they go to ACL and SXSW every year. What do you know, to of the most amazing live music festivals in the US! And they said they already have plans to watch Spoon and Radiohead in Austin this year. Lord, please transfer me to San Antonio before the temptation becomes too much. We got to exchange music tastes. I introduced them to Future Islands, they played some Joy Division in return. We then had to stop the music party before it got too wild. But I felt like that was noteworthy to mention that nugget of worldliness.

Man, I love being a missionary. We are going to be so busy, and time isn't getting any longer. Next week is right around the corner and this week hasn't started yet. Who knows what'll be the next big ting around the corner for next week.

Elder Richard Hall

1. This beauty I found while street contacting. I love boat cars so much
2. A recent addition to my collection. An investigator gave Elder W and I four unused tickets to Nolan Ryan's sixth no hitter. Next step- get them signed.

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